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Design Tips

Gallery Wall

How to Hang A Collection

A fantastic trend in wall décor is the gallery wall. We love this not only in-home but as a retail sales tool! You can create a bold impression with collections by color or theme – or even an eclectic mix. Read more

Creating a Color Palette

Use the color wheel for your beginning stages of creating a color palette. A hue is defined as a pure color and constitutes the colors of the color wheel. The color wheel is composed of twelve hues categorized as primary, secondary, or tertiary.

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Behind the Scenes

Shadow Box Specialty

We love providing unique wall décor – especially shadow boxes. We search for unique items, then layer with handmade papers, ribbons and embellishments for a distinctive look.

From natural elements such as shells and sticks, to plates and tiles, we are always looking for new trinkets and hidden jewels to turn the unexpected into art!

Our Process
Inside the frame

Inside THE Frame

We offer exclusive hand painted art through our Kinder-Harris Collection. Many items incorporate multiple paints and techniques such as embossing and hand applied gold leaf.

Working with a variety of mediums including wood, acrylic and canvas allows us to develop an array of sophisticated art choices for a truly stunning presentation.



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Paragon Wall Decor

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Paragon Debuts newly remodeled High Point Showroom

Paragon is excited to debut their newly remodeled showroom at the upcoming High Point Market as part of their 45 year anniversary, along with more than 500 new designs for market.

“We remodeled the showroom in the spring, but because of COVID, we were unable to unveil the new upgrades” said Lendell Glassco, president of Paragon. “So we are definitely excited to be open and know the customers will be excited about our new look.”

Paragon is also premiering more than 500 new products with exclusive additions to Libby Langdon’s collection which launched last fall to tremendous success. “We are thrilled to provide exciting new products to our customers,” said Malanta Glassco-Knowles. “Since we are a domestic manufacturer, we have been able to create and develop new products as normal, keeping our assortment fresh and on trend.”

Paragon will also be offering virtual showroom tours on Tuesday October 13th by appointment at 10 am and 2 pm EST. In addition, customers may book appointments for personalized in-person or virtual showroom tours during market.  Customers should login in to www.paragonpg.com to book appointments.