How to Hang a Collection

A fantastic trend in wall décor is the gallery wall. We love this not only in-home but as a retail sales tool! You can create a bold impression with collections by color or theme – or even an eclectic mix. By creating a gallery, you can make a big impact on both your customers and your sales.

Of course, hanging a gallery wall can be a daunting task. With a few tips from our design team, you can hang without trepidation! Before we talk about layout, let’s take the worry out of hanging multiple pieces together.

The easiest solution is our PicSure It Hanging System (item # 3000). PicSure It is a transparent plastic sheet with grid lines that allows for perfect picture placement every time. Just use the transparent plastic template with grid lines to plan your perfect wall. No more guessing! You only have to trace your grouping and then the template will stick to the wall with static cling.

If you don’t have a PicSure It Hanging System, you can still design your gallery wall. Layout the pieces on the floor to try your ideas. You can even use painter’s tape straight on the wall to section off and establish your layout.

If you’re hanging over furniture, leave at least 4 to 6 inches between the frame and furniture. Remember, eye level is best. For a gallery wall, you should hang the center of your grouping at eye level. Horizontal layouts can help make a narrow wall seem wider while vertical layouts can visually lengthen a short wall and low ceiling.

Back to our gallery collection… Gallery walls are all about cohesive groupings and creating a balance in size. Start with 2 to 4 pieces as your center and fill out from there. Find a common theme – either by selecting in the same color palette, similar theme like abstract, or create an eclectic group that looks gathered over time. You can design a symmetrical layout or go bold with an asymmetrical group with odd number of pieces. There are no rules; your goal is to find what is visually pleasing by creating a balance between the pieces. What a great sales tool! These on-trend gallery walls can create a big statement in your space. Your customers won’t be able to overlook these collections!

Happy selling!  Sarah